Integration Options

Get started with your integration of Pay

The following section will walk you through how to integrate Pay, both on Mobile and Web.

The first step of the integration process is to generate your unique API keys. These keys will authenticate your application and grant it the necessary permissions to interact with the Pay API.

Generating API Keys

The initial phase of the integration involves creating your distinct API keys. These keys will validate your application, allowing it the appropriate permissions to interface with the Pay API.

  1. Get your distinct API keys. Speak to your Account Manager or email

  2. Store the Private API Key Safely: After generating the keys, you'll be presented with your Private API key. This key will be shown only once, so ensure you store it securely. If lost, we won't be able to recover it for you.

  3. Integrate with Your Platform: Use the generated API keys as required in your platform's integration process.

Remember to always keep your Private API key confidential. Exposing this key can lead to unauthorized access and potential misuse of your integration.

Displaying the Pay Widget

After experimenting with our standard widget, you may consider different integration methods.

Here are some options and suggested best practices:

SDK is coming soon!

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