✨ General questions about Blockchain.com Pay

I'm having trouble with the widget, who should I contact?

Your dedicated Blockchain.com Pay Account Manager will be available to look into this for you. Drop them the line and we'll get you set-up in no time at all!

How do you handle chargebacks?

At Blockchain.com, we have spent years building and honing our anti-fraud capabilities.

We marry device telemetry and external data, with human insights that scale with machine learning. Reach out to your account representative to understand how chargebacks impact your account.

What payment methods are available by country?

See our section on Supported Regions for a full list of supported countries and regions.

Do you support Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Blockchain.com Pay has just recently launched and we're rolling out features piece by piece.

You might notice that we already support Apple Pay and Google Pay in our Wallet app, so rest assured we will be supporting Apply Pay and Google Pay soon. Watch this space!

How do I get paid?

Depending on how your account is configured, you may earn a fee from each completed transaction.

These fees are paid out in:

  • USDT on Ethereum

  • USDC on Ethereum


Are there any transaction limits?

Payment method specific limits

These limits apply to each transaction.

Payment MethodMin Transaction LimitMax Transaction Limit

Credit and Debit Cards



ACH and Open Banking Transfers



Regular Bank Transfers (Wire, SEPA, Faster Payments)



Anti-fraud limits

Further limits can be applied to users for anti-fraud purposes. These continually change to keep everyone safe.

What cryptocurrencies do you support?

See our Supported Cryptocurrencies page.

What are your API Rate limits?

See our API reference on Rate Limits.

Why is the user verification pending?

Your verification is in progress, and it usually takes up to 5 minutes. If automated verification is unsuccessful, don't worry – we'll manually review your submission.

Why did the user verification get rejected?

If your verification hasn't been approved, it could be due to various factors, such as expired documents or a mismatch in personal information. For more details on unsuccessful verification, check out our support article here.

Why is the payment transaction pending?

Transactions may be pending due to reasons like delayed payment processing or issues with your verification. If you have concerns about your pending transaction, feel free to contact us here.

Why did the payment transaction get rejected?

Unfortunately, transactions may fail for reasons like security alerts, insufficient funds, personal details mismatch, or bank account spending limits.

Why did the card get rejected?

Your card could be declined for reasons like insufficient funds, exceeded credit limits, or errors in card information. If the issue persists, we recommend reaching out to your card issuer for personalized assistance.

Why does crypto does not appear in my balance?

A missing cryptocurrency in your balance could be due to pending transactions, wallet synchronization delays, or technical issues. If your crypto is missing or you have further concerns, contact us here.

What type of account is a user creating with Blockchain.com?

By using Blockchain.com, you are creating both Wallet and Exchange accounts (Unified Accounts).

What are the fees for buying crypto?

Blockchain.com fees vary based on factors like order size and payment method. A fee will be incurred for your Buy order, and it will be transparently presented for all payments prior to placing the order.

How can I contact Blockchain.com Support?

You can contact Blockchain.com by submitting a request form here.

Which fiat currencies are accepted for purchasing cryptocurrencies?

At the moment you can buy using USD, EUR and GBP currencies.

How will I receive purchased cryptocurrencies?

Your purchased cryptocurrency will be sent to your provided receiving address. Please make sure to enter the correct cryptocurrency address and use a corresponding network.

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